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Congress House of Representative Candidate 2018

About Helen Alli

Community Activist

Helen Alli is a proud Veteran of the  United States Army and has been trained to protect and serve our Country.  She is a Community Activist  and a large part of the Resistance Movement covering over 20 years.  She began serving in her community as a volunteer at a battered women's shelter helping women begin again and became the Organizer for the United States Tennis Association encouraging adults to stay fit with tennis.  Helen was appointed to The Board of the Richmond Economic Development Authority servicing small businesses throughout Richmond and is a local business owner in the healthcare industry.  She is actively involved in peaceful demonstrations involving marches, rallies, protests and organizes community campaigns to strategize and implement change.   She is a voter registration advocate often going door to door to reach new voters.  Elect Helen Alli for Congress District 7 in 2018.  She has demonstrated a life-time of service and will work hard for you!

  1. She's fighting to create jobs Now!
  2. She's fighting to protect Medicare/Medicaid and Social Security Now!
  3. She's advocating for the Middle Class and Working poor Now!
  4. She's fighting for healthcare Now!

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  • Economy
  • Balanced Budget
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Social Security
  • Jobs for All

Let's Balance our Budget but Not on the Backs of the Middle Class.

Elect Helen Alli For Congress!


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